i3 Design Group

We have developed a specific, detailed procedure to the design process at i3.

  • Quote

    The process starts with a detailed quote that identifies the exact scope of work to be performed.

  • Customer Kickoff

    Upon being awarded the project, we work closely with our customers to identify all necessary specifications required by the tool shop and its customer. At this time we will also solidify the design concept for the project. We will attempt to resolve all outstanding issues with the product to be produced. All of these functions will be documented and emailed to everyone involved.

  • Design Kickoff

    The design project will be started at i3 with an internal kickoff meeting. The purpose of this kickoff meeting is to provide our design team with any and all info required to complete the project. The kickoff meeting is also a time for our team to provide any additional feedback or offer improvements to the project. Customer standards are reviewed and incorporated into the design plan.

  • Design Approval

    The next step for us is to obtain preliminary design approval. Depending on customer requirements that could mean anything from basic steel sizes to 75% completion. We will communicate the approval process via web meeting, personal contact or whatever method meets the needs of our customer. We will document all issues in the design at this time. This document will be published to all concerned and becomes the binding document used to complete the project.

  • Final Completion

    At this time we will have incorporated all previously identified issues. Our team will be available for a final review meeting at the request of the customer. We will provide all materials required. This may involve 3D files, 2D files and/or plots. All files are available in commonly shared neutral formats.

  • Feedback

    We make contact with our customers during the tool build process to learn about anything that could've improved the project. Our goal is to embrace any knowledge learned and to use it on future projects to improve quality and timing.